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Sportco  Photo Galleries

A selection of photographs featuring the people who made the

Sporting Arms Company a successful part of Australia's firearms tradition and history over the years.

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Sportco Photo Gallery 1

Sportco Photo Gallery 2

Sportco Photo Gallery 3

Sportco Photo Gallery 4



Gallery 1 features Gordon Myles. Gordon Myles was Sporting Arms barrel maker with a special skill for straightening barrels. This unique talent ensured that Sportco barrels were as accurate as any manufactured anywhere.


Gallery 2 features Syd Miller. Well known firearm expert, gunsmith and bench rest shooter Syd Miller gave invaluable service to ensuring Sportco firearms were the best they could be. These pictures encompass Syd’s interest in bench rest and hunting. Many Australian sporting shooters have had their rifles tuned and accurized by Syd Miller.


Gallery 3 features Max Peterson. Max Peterson was a valued member of the Sporting Arms Company's staff, who went on to set up his own engineering firm in Adelaide.  One of nature's gentlemen.


Gallery 4 features reviews of Sportco firearms and various adverts that appeared in 'Australian Outdoors' magazine in 1958.