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Sporting Arms Ltd  manufactured and marketed a complete range of rifles from .22 rimfire to most popular centrefire calibres. Here we show a list of some of the rimfire variants.  Click here to view more images.


.310 Martini Cadet rifles were purchased from the Australian government in their tens of thousands and were converted to .22LR. The converted rifle was an early Sportco success story being sold in their thousands across Australia and overseas.

The Model 10A .22 LR survives in large numbers across Australia. It is well built and rugged and is used by  hunters, target shooters and farmers all of whom appreciate its clean lines and reliability.

The 'Sportomatic" self-loading .22 LR rifle was an early addition to the Sportco range and proved very popular with Australian shooters. It was also manufactured with a removable 10 shot box magazine.

The Carbine 22 had a 20 inch barrel and was described in Sportco advertising as being lightweight for faster handling and easier carrying, having a sleek new European style stock, with a reliable "automatic" action and fitted with a "modern straight ten-shot magazine."

The model 90A was a  was an attractive, modern styled .22LR pump action rifle.