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Sportco ammunition

For a time Sporting Arms contracted with Winchester Australia and Adelaide based "Riverbrand" to supply ammunition for resale under the SPORTCO banner. The "K&W" brand air gun slugs came from the Koch and Warne era.

(See Sportco History for more information)


Early packaging style


Sportco ammunition by Riverbrand


.22LR "Superfast" ammunition

manufactured for Sportco by

Winchester Australia


The final, modern  packaging style

for ammunition manufactured

by Riverbrand for Sportco

Front (with price sticker) and rear of Sportco Superfast .22 RF ammunition manufactured by Winchester's Australian plant at Geelong, Victoria.


Power tool blanks manufactured by Sportco.


K&W air gun slugs came from the

 Koch & Warne era which preceded Sportco.

 History has more information on Koch & Warne air rifle pellets.